[2012111] Two Points of Reality

[2012111] Two Points of Reality

Move Through Life Dance Company @ Holden Street Theatres – The Studio

1:00pm, Sat 10 Mar 2012

It’s a sticky afternoon, and there’s only a relatively small crowd that’s gathered out at Holden Street for Two Points of Reality; that’s kind of understandable, though, when you consider that (a) it’s a dance piece with a matinée, and (2) its précis indicates that it tackles the subject of dementia. On the subject of the former: hey, I love matinées, and I love dance; on the subject of the latter… well, let’s just assume that I’m facing my fears or somesuch.

Before the dance begins, some Fight Dementia ads are projected onto a screen; they’re chock full of great production values and scary statistics, causing the girls sitting in front of me to vocalise – and discuss – their surprise… so one could consider that move an illuminating success.

Once the dance begins, we’re shown the physical deterioration of a woman as she dances with her own fading memories; sweeping movements create a sense of peaceful beauty before the body contracts, becoming a reluctantly guarded husk. The woman’s daughter appears – her actions are full of frustration, lament, and – later – an almost shy carefulness. When those two performers are together, there’s a genuine sense of narrative… and it’s a story that I recognise. When the woman pulls away from the daughter in indignant anger, someone was really tugging on my heartstrings.

But there’s another player in this performance, too – the nurse. Treated with indignant indifference by the daughter, her interactions with the woman start as a struggle, hint at dependence, before a symbiosis develops. And, with her high energy solo, the choreography (which remains excellent throughout) seems to paint the nurse as noble; heroic.

My memory will probably relate Two Points of Reality and My Unseen Disappearing World as companion pieces purely because of the core subject matter; however, they’re clearly very different performances. And the wonderful thing about both is that they tackle the subject matter with dignity; that Two Points of Reality also manages to create a credible narrative thread through an attractive and engaging physical dance piece is commendable.

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