ff2013, Day 5

Busy day. Hospital-hopping, followed by seven shows.

  1. Drum Fiasco
  2. Ponydance
  3. Memoirs of a Pageant Princess
  4. Kim Churchill
  5. Tim Fitzhigham – The Gambler
  6. Dandyman
  7. Naked Unicorn Vomit – Nicole Henriksen

When I planned my afternoon out, I was under the assumption that the mid-week forecast of moderate weekend temperatures was accurate. With the benefit of hindsight, exclusively seeing shows in tents in the afternoon sun is not a good idea.

Sadly, the amazing promise of the Dutch pork from the Garden’s Pigs On Fire has given way to a sad reality. The pork is good, but not great, and their snags are disappointing. I’ve yet to sample their spec rolls, but I’m thinking that Gluttony’s burger place is still the best bet at the moment.

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