ff2013, Day 9

Oh yeah, now we’re in the swing of things. 2am finish, with a hospital visit tomorrow morning after likely being woken by construction noise next door, and followed by a matinée. Cruisin’.

  1. Nick Fischer’s I’ve come to clean the pool: The tale of how one man against all odds was able to get fired from most of the jobs he has ever worked
  2. Anthropoetry
  3. Abdicating Adulthood
  4. Insomnia Cat Came To Stay
  5. Rhino Room Late Show

The great thing about tonight’s Rhino Room Late Show was the discovery of Nick Capper – a quirky style, something different, and bloody funny. If his show wasn’t already on The Shortlist, it certainly is now.

Also: Anthropoetry. It’s poetry over live looped music, it’s funny and political and human, and it’s absolutely brilliant. Easily in the Top 5 so far.

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