ff2013, Day 25

Blimey – that there Van Dyke Parks show was… well, odd. Especially when I apparently tried to instigate a fight with someone (over recording an event that had – quite explicitly, several times – been stipulated as a non-recording event). So… yeah. That was interesting.

Thank christ Helen was there to talk to, though. That show would have been almost unbearable without her.

  1. Shakespeare for Kids
  2. Desperately Seeking the Exit
  3. Van Dyke Parks
  4. Andrew McClelland’s Hang the DJ

Anyway – it’s currently 3:35am on March the 9th. And you know what that means, right? My birthday.

But it’s not just me who should be celebrating; since discovering K-Pop last year, I’ve become enamoured with addicted to Girls’ Generation, whose nominal leader – Taeyeon – shares my birthday. That’s part of the reason she’s my bias of the group.

It could also be because she’s so cute :)

Taeyeon <3

Happy birthday Taeyeon! And me! :D

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