ff2013, Day 27

So – we’re heading into the last seven days of this Festival season. Seven days to cram as much in as possible. And most of the stuff remaining on my Shortlist seems to intersect the two hours between 7:30 and 9:30; some tough choices are going to have to be made soon.

Also: ArtWalks. I need to do more ArtWalking. My quick stroll today only yielded half-a-dozen exhibitions.

  1. The Book of Loco
  2. Afternoon Fringe Showcase
  3. Rip Drag Ruminate
  4. MKA’s 22 Short Plays
  5. MKA’s SOMA
  6. Sketch The Rhyme

After missing Bushpig yesterday and getting caught up in a quagmire of “what if” thoughts, it was slightly satisfying to see The Book of Loco run long this afternoon – thus validating some of my decisions.

It was amusing that I read a tweet from the Fringe Office stating that the average temperature so far this Fringe is nearly 33 degrees just before I went into a packed Austral Red Room for their Afternoon Fringe Showcase; with a full house and closed doors, that room was a fucking sauna, making me yearn for a bearable 33 degrees.

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