[2007028] Geraldine Quinn – SexDeathBowie

Geraldine Quinn – SexDeathBowie (FringeTIX)

Geraldine Quinn @ Rhino Room (Downstairs)

10:15pm, Wed 14 Mar 2007

There’s nothing quite like going to a show with mixed expectations and being blown away.

Geraldine Quinn sings, plays guitar, and – in between – displays a razor sharp wit, hidden beneath a laidback style and seemingly unobtrusive patter. Showcasing her songwriting talent, she manages to also straddle the lines of decency (criticising Delta Goodrem for not having a “real” cancer), crassness (the morning-after song – “it seemed like such a good idea at the time”), as well as writing a most beautiful song for her 10-year old niece – “it’s all downhill from here”.

From the opening track (with the only mention of Sex, Death, or Bowie in the show) to the venomous encore (slaughtering The Veronicas), Quinn’s songs are – without doubt – the funniest I’ve heard at a Fringe. Ever. Including The Arrogant Worms and Tripod.

Yes, she’s that good. Quinn’s the complete package – great writer, stunning voice, and a fabulously endearing presence.

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