[2013097] Künt and the Gang

[2013097] Künt and the Gang

Künt and the Gang @ Austral Hotel – Red Room

11:00pm, Tue 5 Mar 2013

For all my fancy talk and wordiness, I love a bit of puerile humour… but only when it’s delivered with a sense of conviction. When the artist is utterly committed to the bit.

And there’s no doubting that Künt, with his bright yellow jumpsuit, goofy grin, and goofier dance moves, is committed to his character… and he’s apparently built up a cult following via YouTube.

Playing backing tracks off his mobile phone, Künt sang his dirty little songs – you can get a pretty good idea of the content with titles like Chips and Tits, I Sucked Off A Bloke, and Wank Fantasy – and danced little jigs to the slightly embarrassed delight of the ten people in the Red Room; he’s genuinely engaging, filthily funny, and – with the addition of his puppet doppelgänger Little Künt – supremely entertaining.

Even better, though, was the fact that Künt’s infamy was evident in one of the guys in the audience; he was singing (and dancing!) along to all the songs, and clearly was ultra-excited that Künt was in Adelaide. That kind of fandom doesn’t come for free, and – after chatting with Künt a couple of times – I was left impressed by his clarity of vision.

11:00pm, Sun 17 Mar 2013

It’s a bit of bedlam in the Fringe Club after the Fringe Awards, and my Fringe Buddy still wants to see Künt, so off we trundle for the last show of the Fringe season. And there’s only half-a-dozen in attendance, so Künt announces that it’ll be a bit of a shorter show. And whilst that announcement raised a little disappointment, that didn’t stop anyone – especially the drunk girls in the front row – from thoroughly enjoying themselves.

It was a mostly familiar set, though the addition of the gloriously rude Let’s Send Nan To Dignitas was certainly a high-point. More Chips and Tits with Little Künt was also a big win.

Künt and the Gang was a real surprise packet; it’s a delightfully puerile act, with catchy pop backing tracks and creatively filthy lyrics from a tremendously entertaining individual… and his even more offensive puppet sidekick.

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