[2013105] Chris Knight’s fUNCOMFORTABLE

[2013105] Chris Knight’s fUNCOMFORTABLE

Chris Knight @ Gluttony – The Runt

6:50pm, Thu 7 Mar 2013

Saying that a venue is half-full usually means pretty good things for a mid-week comedy show… unless you’re talking about The Runt, which holds – at most – two dozen people. And is stiflingly hot and humid. Which must be a double-whammy of discomfort for Chris Knight and his magnificent beard.

Now, I’ve got a lot of time for Knight and his brand of surrealism – it’s a wonderfully weighted presentation of a genuinely weird mind, and the pacing of his delivery never gives you an opportunity to settle… whenever you settle into some sort of comfortable comedic groove, Knight will throw out a non sequitur that leaves your brain scrabbling to compensate for the sudden change in direction.

Like I said, this is the type of stuff I like.

I am, of course, not an entire audience. And of the dozen people in The Runt this evening, I reckon that ten of them were left incredibly confused by Knight’s performance. Not “bemused”… confused.

But that’s fine by me. I get to revisit the wellspring of oddness that Chris Knight presents, and feel a little bit smug because I get it. I chuckle and I chortle, my brain squirms a bit, and I feel happy.

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