[2013108] FACTY FACT – A Late Night Comedy Game Show

[2013108] FACTY FACT – A Late Night Comedy Game Show

The FACTY FACT Crew @ The Tuxedo Cat – Cat Bowl (?)

11:00pm, Thu 7 Mar 2013

After briefly chatting to Dave Warneke at Festival Fishbowl the previous Monday, I decided to slot FACTY FACT into the Schedule; the Rhino Late Show line-up didn’t really appeal that evening, and a late-night quiz show – coupled with a more appealing cast of comedians – seemed like an interesting way to round out a day.

But we’re heading into the part of FF2013 where my memory is becoming permanently sozzled, and my notes are… well, lacking. As a result, I’ve got not much to write about, other than the fact that Warneke’s quiz questions relied heavily on audiovisual content (awkwardly projected onto a side wall), and contained a lot of references to porn. The two teams – Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall captained Danny McGinlay and Tommy Dassalo, with Geraldine Quinn leading DeAnne Smith and Simon Taylor – sparred in a good-natured manner, with the two captains and Warneke having a wonderful understanding… theirs is clearly a glorious working relationship.

But as for the non-porn content? Can’t remember much at all… I can’t even remember which team won. I do recall that McGinlay was much more subdued in a group setting than in his own show earlier that evening, and Dassalo – whose work I’ve enjoyed, but not to the extent where I’d seen him recently – did such a good job ad libbing that his show got bumped up in priority. But I know that I left this instance of FACTY FACT pretty cheery, and the format is a decent change-up from the more typical late-night ensemble show, so I reckon I’ll be FACT-checking again in the future.

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