[2013118] Eurowision Adelaide 2013

[2013118] Eurowision Adelaide 2013

CarCon @ Gluttony – Pig Tales

10:50pm, Sat 9 Mar 2013

I love Eurovision, I really do. And last year’s Eurowision was an event that captured all the cheese of Eurovision, added comedy, and created a parody of the self-parody… and, as a result, locked in Eurowision for all future years.

And the fact that this episode of Eurowision fell on my birthday? Perfect.

Whilst last year’s Eurowision location was really well organised (with raked seating allowing everyone a good view of the wide stage), this year’s venue proved to be less successful – the late start didn’t help, either, with a sold-out crowd squeezing into a very sticky Pig Tales. But, once underway, our heavily accented host and hostess kept things rolling with their predictably cheesy “jokes”.

Geraldine Quinn opened proceedings representing Australia, and was followed by the awesome Gravity Boots, who performed their Roach nightclub oddity for Moldova. And whilst I can’t remember who performed Flashdance for the Ukraine, I can remember the armpit hair; I’ve also completely drawn a blank on the Uzbekistani performance.

Local cabaret regular Annie Siegmann served Poland well, Malta was represented by mime, and the East End Cabaret crew represented England. The Golden Phung were only a little bit racist representing Japan, and (once again) James McCann absolutely blitzed it for France.

But – as with last year’s show – the Postcards were again the highlight of the show, with Mark Trenwith reprising his black body suited role and introducing countries through the power of interpretive dance. This year, though, he took it one step further and dispensed with the bodysuit by the end of the show, performing one Postcard completely nude… add onto that some “pyrotechnics”, and Eurowision Adelaide 2013 proved to be a completely silly winner.