[2007076] New Young Pony Club

New Young Pony Club (FringeTIX)

New Young Pony Club @ SoCo Cargo

10:30pm, Thu 29 Mar 2007

Oooooooooh, this was a bit special.

The Garden Guide’s blurb for the New Young Pony Club piqued my interest, so this was an early lock. NYPC – a group of five youngsters from the UK – took to the stage around midnight, with the SoCo packing out moments before the start. And they immediately launch into a set packed with tight, punchy pop gems.

More New Wave than punk, more dirty-beats than glossy-disco. Their set is short – limited by their repertoire – and they’re unafraid to stick their “hits” nearer the front of the set than the end. That loses them no friends in the crowd, who remain bouncy and exuberant to the very end. Sure, the rest NYPC looked dead on their feet from jet-lag – keyboardist Lou Hayter, in particular, was almost zombie-like – but vocalist Tahita Bulmer leapt about with sufficient energy to make up for the rest.

In the end, NYPC remind me of a modern Romeo Void – very New Wave, edgy lead female, and capable of some stunning songs. Needless to say, an Amazon order was placed soon after this gig – because, frankly, the New Young Pony Club are a fabulous live indie-pop band. This was worth every second of recurrent tinnitus, and every elbow in the head from crowd fuckknuckles intent on filling up their camera before the end of the third song.

(As per usual these days, there’s sample tunage to be found at NYPC’s MySpace page, and a cracking review of The Bomb – for all the wrong reasons – at Drowned in Sound. Ooooh – debut album released in June – ace :)

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