And thus, FF2007 is a wrap. Over 3 months after the completion of festivities, I’ve managed to finish tapping out my thoughts on 83 shows, and launched them into the ether for all to laugh at. Hurrah!

So – the first of the annual Fringes comes to an end. And how did it far compared to previous years? Well, the atmosphere was definitely down; by the end of the second weekend (coincidentally, the weekend when daylight savings finished) crowd buzz had hit an all-time low. In fact, the Sunday night after the cessation of daylight savings felt like the final night of the Fringe in previous years… eerie. Luckily, the 2008 Fringe is running from 22 February – 16 March, so we’ll likely not have that problem again.

The quality of shows was good, and didn’t feel overrun by comedy as I had feared; though I think a good deal of that might have been due to The Black Lung’s successful venture into South Australia. It could also have been due to my more adventurous show choices. And for that I’m truly thankful – The Black Lung deserved all the plaudits they received (Best Venue was only challenged by theater simple’s Caravan, and Best Production could’ve been a toss-up between pretty much any of their shows – I would’ve gone with Kissy Kissy myself, but Rubeville got the gong).

Some other notable moments?

  • The Media Travesty of 2007 – Bimbo gettng a four-star review by someone. Obviously they didn’t actually attend the show, and wrote the “review” from the bar, because Bimbo was a stinker of the highest calibre. Ah, maybe that was it – a four-star stinky review. In that case, the reviewer still got the rating wrong.
  • Kicking back with Nick Sun on a dead Sunday night.
  • Ali McGregor gets major kudos for the chat – and those eyes :)
  • Sitting for a bit on theater simple’s Park Bench.
  • Genevieve from The Black Lung also gets major kudos for the chats – and that smile :)
  • Being recognised as “that crazy guy who sees all those shows” by complete strangers in FringeTIX.

So… that’s it for another year. Christ, there’s only 8 months to the next one… :}

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