…or maybe not.

It seemed like a good idea, to attack the Festival of Ideas in the same manner that I attack the Festival of the Arts & the Fringe (ie, with gusto).

The problem is, when I’m tapping out my thoughts on sessions, I feel obliged to cover them in the minutest detail, expounding on themes that appeal to me. And, because I’m no writing clever person, that’s really hard for me to do in a manner that I’d consider “timely”… bearing in mind it took me three months to finish my Fringe ramblings.

In short, I bit off more than I can chew :}

Here’s a bunch of other bloggers who are writing in a much more elegant and composed manner than I…

At least the peeps behind those blogs can (a) do the sessions some credit, and (2) string more than two words together in a coherent manner.

Also bear in mind that the sessions will be podcast on Radio Adelaide in the coming weeks.

And so, with that weight lifted off my shoulders, I might just sit back and enjoy the rest of the sessions a little more.

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