ff2014, Day 6

What a patchy old day this was! Crowds varied wildly throughout my five shows: near-sell-out, five, near-sell-out, half-full, and quarter-full-and-clueless. That last one was really fucking weird.

  1. The Iron(ic) Lady
  2. Roaring Accordion
  4. The Market
  5. Safety First

On my way to Bluebee Room I happened upon a young lass from Hong Kong trying to find the TuxCat’s Pultney Street digs; apparently Jon Bennett has a free ticket for couch-surfers things going at the moment. Since it was right on starting time when I met her, we jogged the block-and-a-half to Raj House, where Bennett’s show had been rescheduled; while I was there, I took the opportunity to check out the fancy Raj House (so much has changed since I saw Neil Hamburger there in December!) and have a lovely chat with Fee. So I reckon that’s karma at work.

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