ff2014, Day 18

More Festival opening hijinks tonight with the VIP opening soiree. A nice chat with some old friends, some fun accosting some of the more higher-up peeps in FestivalCorp, and – of course – a drop or two of Croser. And the prawn & avocado salsa things were fantastic.

I had tickets to Charles Barrington tonight, but Steve Sheehan and I were the only two in the audience; we wound up sitting around having a fascinating (for me) conversation about the art of comedy, likes & dislikes, and my current pet topic: Comp Culture. That discussion was worth way more than the price of admission; I feel a little guilty for having stolen their time.

  1. An Elephant in the Room
  2. Wizard Sandwiches: The Last Lunch
  3. Facty Fact Game Show: Are Comedians Good Lovers?

You know how I said “back into the fray tomorrow”? Yeah. Not so much. My head is in another place, socially.

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