[2008013] Geraldine Quinn – Dumb Things

Geraldine Quinn – Dumb Things (FringeTIX)

Geraldine Quinn @ Rhino Room (Downstairs)

9:00pm, Thu 21 Feb 2008

You can tell it’s Preview Night – Geraldine and her techie work through the details of the show opening in front of us, which provides ample amusement in itself. Quinn’s satisfied with her entrance on the second attempt, and launches into her first song – detailing the dumb deaths of many celebs (her drop into Nico-esque monotone was delicious).

In a show that should serve as an example to other comedians, she repeated no material from last year’s sterling effort – and, if anything, managed to increase the laughs-per-minute. There’s fewer songs than last year, but that’s compensated by her fantastic stand-up presence – she’s a truly polished performer.

The songs that are present are as brilliant as ever – her Ode to Bogans is as witty and cutting as any other song she’s done, and her encore had two dozen people chanting “The world is fucked / They’re all cunts / And no-one cares” with a grin on their face.

After last year’s stunning show, Geraldine Quinn was a must see this year – and in no way was I disappointed. And I’m puzzled and bemused as to why she’s still in the tiny downstairs area at Rhino Room, because she’s deserving of much bigger crowds than the ‘Room can provide.

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