[2008038] The Gecko Enforcer

The Gecko Enforcer (FringeTIX)

The Gecko Enforcer @ Higher Ground (Art Base)

9:30pm, Thu 28 Feb 2008

The flyer/postcard for The Gecko Enforcer is a work of art; sharp writing that conjures interest from nothing, and yet manages to be completely – well, mostly – factual. Me likee.

The Gecko Enforcer is – nominally, at least – a trio: Sausage handles the beats and loops, plays a little melodica, intermittently bashes a drum, updates the “currently playing” whiteboard, and roams the audience. Gecko is the singer / guitarist – but by “guitar” I mean “ukelele and/or kiddie instruments”. They’re rounded out by the inimitable Flopboy – a stuffed doll, whose solos are… lacking.

Songs are laced with humour, and cover a range of styles – the audience-singalong “I Don’t Drink Beer” is rife with country roots; other tracks are more dancey, while only Flopboy’s solo track could count as anything approaching a ballad… the audience (of about 25) held their bated breath, anyway ;)

In all, The Gecko Enforcer were hardly the must-see musical comedy act of the Fringe – but a reasonably enjoyable hour, nonetheless.

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