ff2015, Day 4

So: the Official Opening of the Fringe. Apparently the parade was really quite special. I wouldn’t know; I was stuck in a see-Garden-shows-before-it-gets-too-hot run.

  1. Eleanor’s Story: An American Girl in Hitler’s Germany
  2. Camille O’Sullivan: Changeling
  3. WOMANz
  4. Yana Alana – Between the Cracks
  5. Dr Brown & Sam Simmons – Ceremony

So – I wound up standing next to Chris Taylor in the queue for Ceremony, and we talked for ages about Fringey stuff in general, The Chaser’s activities, and – of course – Dr Brown and Sam Simmons. Top bloke, and he copped a heap of shit from Simmons in recognition during the show.

Funny thing: one of the Gardeners tried to tell me that “we’re really good in the Garden at starting shows on time.” Which, given I had three of four shows start a total of thirty-five minutes late this evening, seemed a little laughable.

But then, apropos of nothing, there was this tweet:

Awww. How sweet was that? :)

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