ff2015, Day 20

After a quick run through dotMaze (don’t expect to start on-time at the beginning of the day!) and bidding my gorgeous Significant Other adieu (after an all-too-brief visit which had her taking in one Festival & eight Fringe shows), I tried to get back into the swing of things. So much to see, so little time!

  1. dotMaze: Get Lost!
  2. Who’s Your Daddy? the funny side of parenting
  3. Marilyn Forever
  4. Icarus Falling
  5. Kirsty Mac – Feminazi
  6. Smile Practice

Things really picked up after I chased away the dozes in the first half of Marilyn Forever. The second half was solid (with a great climax), Icarus Falling is proper Fringe awesomeness, Kirsty Mac presented some great standup, and Smile Practice was quite spectacular in the most WTF way possible. I mean, I had one of the performers sitting naked (well, with his pants around his ankles) next to me for most of the show. His genitals were covered in purple glitter. On stage, a super-drunk freeloader was kissing the other performer before stumbling down the stairs and heckling incoherently.

So, yeah – good times!

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