ff2015, Day 23

When I got a text message within the opening minute of Bok & Fahey’s (fun) show, I immediately thought it was a cancellation… and, sure enough, I was right. But every cloud has a silver lining, yeah? And what that cancellation led to was a bunch of opportunistic plan changes, on the back of my new-found confidence in getting from venue-to-venue in record time. Bakehouse to Gluttony (via FringeTIX) in six minutes? No worries. Gluttony to Producers in one minute? Cool.

  1. SmallWaR
  2. 2 States of Lauren Bok and Bridget Fahey
  3. Marathon
  4. Boris & Sergey’s Vaudevillian Adventure
  5. Grabbin’ a piece
  6. Set List

The upshot of that was that I managed to squeeze in one extra show than I’d planned for the day. Nice for me, but maybe a bit grim for the cancelled act.

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