ff2015, Day 34

So… that’s the end of my 2015 Festivalian activities (with the exception of a handful of visual arts exhibits I plan to check out before they close). A quick snooze, then off to Melbourne for In Dreams: David Lynch Revisited. No rest for the wicked! Or, rather, the wicked will rest very well on Tuesday night (…and the rest of 2015).

  1. A Simple Space
  2. Fully Furnished
  3. Trygve Wakenshaw’s NAUTILUS – a work in progress
  4. Wizard Sandwiches – Lettuce Play

Some preliminary stats for ff2015:

  • 167 unique shows: 12 Festival, 155 Fringe.
  • 170 total shows (saw 3 Fringe shows twice).
  • 171 tickets bought (two shows were free, and there were three shows that I missed for various reasons).
  • 42 Fringe Visual Arts exhibitions seen (so far).
  • Total Fringe Guide Coverage: 18.8%

And now, to write up the 162 shows I’ve not written up yet…

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