[2008084] A Slip Of A Boy

A Slip Of A Boy (FringeTIX)

Pygmalion Theatre @ Fringe Factory Theatre (The Tea Room)

7:30pm, Wed 12 Mar 2008

This show demonstrates why we need the Fringe. Because theatre like this would never receive mainstream acceptance.

Our boy is a pining and lonely chap. Desperate for love and acceptance, he – in indirect and flowery language – decides to create the girl of his dreams. Great plan, eh guys? Well, the results are very Goldilocks-y; the first of his creations is far too similar to the boy, so the girl doesn’t love him – for he doesn’t love himself. The second girl smothers him with love, but the third girl – the “just right” girl – is willing to wait, willing to learn who the boy is – and love him over time.

The boy is loud, bold, almost overacting bad-Shakespeare-stylee with his wafty language. The girl(s), on the other hand, is more perfunctory with her speech. Direction is ace, with the couple roaming the stage well before settling in a spotlight for key moments, though I don’t envy them their costumes on this stinking hot day. And there was some nice industrial ambient noises underpinning the work.

It’s a short piece – maybe only forty minutes – and, like I said, it’s definitely got the oddball-Fringe feel to it. Worth a peek if you’ve got a gap in the schedule, and don’t mind the lack of subtlety in the dialog.

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