[2015072] Lisa-Skye’s Lovely Tea Party

[2015072] Lisa-Skye’s Lovely Tea Party

Lisa-Skye (with Becky Lou & Nicole Henriksen) @ Tuxedo Cat – Rivers Studio

9:45pm, Mon 23 Feb 2015

I’d previously encountered Lisa-Skye in a couple of guest spots previously, but had never actually given her money for any of her shows; I felt obliged to change that this year, and so I – and maybe a dozen other people – sat in on her tea-party this Monday night.

Lisa-Skye uses the performance as an opportunity to record her podcast, but she front-loads the show with a bit of her comedy: on this occasion, she talked about a weird encounter in her favourite Berlin sex club. She also introduces her board of topics from which her guests would select conversation starters – “Animalia” and “Snack-off” were amongst the selections this evening, and each was introduced with its own jingle.

I was stoked with her guests this evening: Nicole Henriksen brought a slightly tempered version of her insanity to proceedings, and Becky Lou (previously seen at IT’S RABBIT NIGHT!!!) provided a relatively restrained contrast to the madness of Lisa-Skye and Nicole.

The conversation between the trio was wide ranging: phobias, the skin care benefits of semen, coat of arms, and Fringe survival tactics. Lisa-Skye and Henriksen also discussed – with scary statistics and much cattiness – the “joys” of performing at the Edinburgh Fringe, and Becky Lou’s nipple health details were… ummmmm. Yes. But, on the strength of her presence during the Tea Party, I committed to seeing Becky Lou’s show later in the Fringe… so that was a win.

Lisa-Skye is a pretty strong personality and keeps the show moving along, but she also has a tendency to dominate conversations somewhat (though she also manages to pull the guests back in after a quiet spell). And hey – the “guest” portions of the show are available on Lisa-Skye’s podcast, so that’s nice too.

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