[2015086] Tomás Ford: Electric Cabaret

[2015086] Tomás Ford: Electric Cabaret

Tomás Ford, Captain Of Industry @ Tuxedo Cat – Mayall Room

11:00pm, Fri 27 Feb 2015

So – we’re already a little drunk, and I’ve deliberately elected to show my Significant Other the weird stylings of Tomás Ford precisely because he’s the polar opposite of super-polished, high-budget Festival shows… and it’s also her first foray into Fringe, and the most wonderful of Fringe venues: the Tuxedo Cat.

Seriously, I couldn’t have planned this any better.

With a healthy crowd of around two dozen, Tomás Ford adopts the not-too-far-from-the-truth personae of a guy who thinks he’s putting on a massive cabaret event, only to have everything possible go wrong: the crowd doesn’t turn up, those who do turn up turn against the songs, the staging fails, his computers melt down, and he heads towards a nervous breakdown.

And the narrative is – mostly – delivered in song. Ford’s trademark pre-recorded electro goodness is crooned and growled over, and – as is his wont – he roams the audience, singing and screaming in the audience’s faces… there’s a tangible sense of danger when he’s prowling off the stage. Most of his songs are originals – Love Cancer is demonstrative of his style – but there’s a few appropriate covers thrown in, too.

With the exception of the narrative, it’s a very similar performance to Tomás Ford’s show in 2013; he still goads everyone into getting up and dancing, and builds the show into a wonderfully euphoric, feel-good conclusion. It’s Tomás Ford doing what Tomás Ford does best… and I love it.

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