The Night Before Christmas…

As much as I was sagging my shoulders last weekend, weighed down with the drudgery of dredging together The Shortlist, I’m actually quite gigglingly giddy now. I can hear fireworks going off at (I presume) The Garden’s opening party, and I’m really looking forward to knocking off work tomorrow night and catching my first shows.

That, of course, brings me to the big bugbear this year – I’ll still be putting in regular(-ish) appearances at work during the Fringe, rather than just taking most of the month off. Hopefully this won’t get in the way of the blogging too much…

The Shortlist didn’t really turn out too short; 152 shows in all, one of which has already been nixed, and Tim Minchin has already sold out (and Stephen K Amos isn’t that far behind)! Scheduling has already begun in earnest, and a plethora of matinees bodes well. This “pre-week”, prior to the official opening of the Fringe, is – of course – centred around The Garden, so that’s where I’ll be most of the weekend.

Right, off to put another order (for 21 tickets) in. Excited!

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