[2015116] Marcel Blanch-de Wilt: Death of a Disco Dancer

[2015116] Marcel Blanch-de Wilt: Death of a Disco Dancer

Marcel Blanch-de Wilt @ Producers Cranny

10:00pm, Thu 5 Mar 2015

Marcel Blanch-de Wilt is a really lovely bloke. He’s totes friendly, put the hard yards into running a great venue this year (Producers), and has a fun podcast on which I get the occasional shout-out… even if it’s for the wrong reasons:

Oh well – you live by the sword, you die by the sword ;)

Death of a Disco Dancer is Marcel’s first solo standup show, and it too is really lovely. He grooves his way into show with an upbeat opening, all high-fives and happy tunes; before long, we’re deep into the core of the show, with Marcel telling us the perils of being a guy who enjoys a dance. A shoe to the head should dampen anyone’s enthusiasm, but not Marcel’s.

A reasonably well-structured set takes us into Marcel’s day job (casual teaching of shithead students), and also through some of his ventures into the entertainment industry. There’s also some freestyle rapping and a bit of self-reflection, but there’s not a mean-spirited phrase in the whole show, which is a lovely change… and he’s nice enough to offer a packet of chips around the crowd.

In fact, there’s only a couple of down-sides to this show, neither of which can really be attributed to Marcel. The first is that there was a tiny audience in this evening; I think I was the only paying punter, with another artist and maybe a couple of Producers staffers rounding out the crowd… this made me sad. The other downer was that, having seen Marcel perform a fair few spots at comedy rooms après-Fringe, and having consumed all his podcast output, a lot of his material was already familiar to me.

But you know what? That doesn’t make it any less funny. And when you’ve got a likeable guy telling funny, positive jokes onstage, that’s a pretty good recipe for a Good Time. I only wish there’d been more people there to see it.

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