[2015127] The Moon in Me

[2015127] The Moon in Me

Dylan Cole @ Tuxedo Cat – Cusack Theatre

9:45pm, Sat 7 Mar 2015

Whilst Dylan Cole’s 2014 effort, Safety First, didn’t quite match the quality of his 2013 TED pisstake, I was still keen to see what he had to say on the topic of astrology in The Moon in Me.

As with his previous shows, Cole’s style was an engaging formal presentation heavily supported by PowerPoint. The opening half-hour was a collection of (somewhat predictable, but no less funny for it) prods at the statistical lunacy of astrology, interspersed with autobiographical snippets of Cole’s life: his parent’s divorce, his girlfriend, readings from his teenage journals, and more musings of his chubby childhood.

The crux of the show is Cole’s commitment to monitor his astrological predictions (snipped from a number of newspapers and other sources) and compare them to the events of his days. These comparisons are scornful early, but – thanks to Cole’s comic twists – the tail end of the show becomes a torrent of stretched truths and hilarious justifications… and the reveal behind the name of the show was astonishingly groanworthy.

I found The Moon in Me to be the most consistent of Dylan Cole’s solo shows: even & intricate writing and wonderful pacing were the hallmarks of this performance. The personal nature of his analysis – and his comical twisting of the results – make for a great bedrock, but the tumbling text in the closing minutes of the show was one of the highlights of the Fringe.

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