[2015131] Law and Disorder

[2015131] Law and Disorder

DamnitLeanne! @ Gluttony – La Petite Grande

5:15pm, Sun 8 Mar 2015

Over the last decade or so, I’ve become increasingly insistent that the posts I write on this blog are not reviews; they’re supposed to be recollections of my experiences. The reasoning behind this approach is twofold: one, I know that I’m not a critic, and to pretend that I can “review” things is folly; and two, it’s easier to write about an inescapable truth… the truth of one’s personal experience.

I’m doubly-glad that I’ve chosen to write like that when it comes to improv performances, since I can focus only on the show that I witnessed… especially when the performance was as diabolically bad as this one.

On paper, you’d think that this was going to be at least half-decent: a crime thriller in the style of Law & Order, with the narrative inspired by audience suggestions. And the capacity crowd were certainly enthusiastic early. And the instantly-recognisable scene change “doink doink” certainly set the mood.

But that’s where the enjoyment of this performance ended.

Audience suggestions were stupefying; the resultant performances more so. Blocky, wooden acting and poor improv storytelling (that took juvenile ideas and turned them into laborious slogs) killed any goodwill, and most of the laughs during the performance came from the cast… at least they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

To be fair, it was uncomfortably hot and humid in La Petite Grande that afternoon. But when I gleaned most of my pleasure from watching the show’s tech (who looked bored and disgusted by what was going on in front of her, and only reluctantly applied her lighting changes), I think I have to say that this episode of Law and Disorder was a complete dud for me.

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