ff2009, Day 2

Woooo – it’s 2am, and I’ve just got home from another evening in The Garden. A little less crowded tonight, and a much friendlier vibe as a result, but even after a couple of days the lawns are looking worse-for-wear.

As I arrived this evening, Sharon Mahoney was busking as her alter-ego Tallulah… she seemed a bit better at that than her actual show (zing!).

A lazy three shows this evening:

  1. The Boy With Tape On His Face
  2. Felicity Ward’s Ugly As A Child Variety Show
  3. Club Cascadeur

During Felicity Ward, someone rolled up forty-five minutes past the scheduled starting time. Forty-five minutes! What’s going through the minds of people like that? At what point do they consider their investment wasted? But their lateness reminded me of my favourite latecomer / critic; so let’s start the Matt Byrne LateWatch!

  1. Sherlock Holmes & The Saline Solution (8 minutes)

Just the one entry at the moment, then, but I’m sure he’ll push through with some decent numbers ;)

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