ff2009, Day 3

A Sunday night in The Garden. Pretty sedate, right?

WRONG. Chock full of the rudest, leeringest, boorish twats thus far. Hurrah for society, I say. Hurrah for Monday morning hangovers!

Despite that, another three comfortable shows this evening:

  1. David Quirk – Feeling Steve Breathe
  2. A Company Of Strangers
  3. Last Bucket Of Water

I’ve come to the realisation that it’s going to be another very, very busy year – but not necessarily for the reasons you might thing. After all, I pissed away much of the afternoon watching T’Pau videos (like the sublime Heart and Soul – yep, that’s where some of my formative music leanings lie) on YouTube, having been distracted from my “research”… and I tend to do a fair bit of “research” when I tap out my bog-standard four-paragraph posts. Which means I’m likely to be very distracted by lots of great 80’s film clips.

Here’s Obsession by Animotion. Ooooh, here’s the 12-inch mix! Awesome – I’d not heard that before.

…see, this is why it takes me so long to write this stuff up.

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