ff2009, Day 6

Ulp. It’s getting hard, this work-during-the-day-see-shows-at-night-then-find-some-seconds-inbetween-to-write-about-them lark. I’m only getting one show a day written up at the moment, and that’s with a relatively lax night schedule! Anyhoo, today I had my first encounter with a common bugbear: the familiar “this is the first time we’ve performed this in front of an audience, and it’ll take twice as long as specified in the Guide” preview show. Which necessitated grabbing a cab just so I could make Tarnished. Harrumph.

But only two shows today! Lazy.

  1. Autobahn
  2. Tarnished

I think I might throw together a simple “Shows you must see” shortcut at the top of the page somewhere. And, since it’s ff2009, I reckon I’ll call it “ff2009 – Shows You Must See.” And it’ll live here.

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