[2009016] Tarnished

Tarnished [FringeTIX]

La La Parlour @ The Spiegeltent

10:00pm, Wed 25 Feb 2009

I was thrilled, when compiling my shortlist, to discover that Tarnished was returning; I adored that show back in 2007, and needed no coercion whatsoever to whack it into The Schedule.

But here’s the thing, though – the show is more-or-less exactly the same as it was two years ago. So go read that post instead.

Now, you may consider that a Good Thing or a Bad Thing. For me, it’s a very very Good Thing: Neridah Waters is still drop-dead gorgeous, a beautiful cheeky smile that makes me melt a little inside; Tigerlil and Kellie Vella still donate a gob of circus to proceedings; and Imogen Kelly’s bathtub antics are still a hoot… and an eyeful. And there’s still crotch angle-grinding, perfectly-pitched banter with the (mostly female!) audience, the weird bubble-gum segment, and some lovely tongue-in-cheek theatrics.

But, most of all, it’s still fun – you come away thinking that these girls have a ball up there (dodgy staging this evening notwithstanding), and I’d be very surprised if there was a single grumpy person in the audience by show’s end.

It’s still an absolutely wonderful performance; and if they came back in another two years… or next year… hell, even next week, it’d still be an amazing show.

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