[20000059] Arrogant Worms

Arrogant Worms

The Governor Hindmarsh

10:00pm, Fri 17 Mar 2000

Score: 8

Short Review: Song-a-rific!

Take a quick ride down Port Road (not too far, you might wind up in *gasp* Port Adelaide ;) and go to the Governor Hindmarsh. We did so on St Patrick’s Day, and managed to find a pub full of pissed people dressed in green. And the Arrogant Worms, another Canadian comedy export.

Quite simply, these guys were really funny. Any group that takes the piss out of Canadia (sic) and their most famous exports – Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, and Shania Twain – gets the big thumbs up from me, and their Internet love song “Log On To You” is right up there with Tripod’s Political Song. Any any song that starts “I am cow, hear me moo” is sure to win kudos from this little moobaa.

If this act had a fault, it was that they didn’t localise their content enough… most of the songs were obviously their stock Canadian stuff. Which is still cool, because it was all funny.

(An aside – it was a hot night, and the show was in the rapidly-heating-up balcony at the Gov (the butt of many jokes). After an encore, despite the fact that the Worms were obviously hot, tired and bedraggled, one particularly pissed audience member refused to let the Worms leave until they did another song – “I was just starting to like you guys”. They complied :)

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