ff2009, Day 9

Warning: I may be a little bit drunk :}

First up: if you were the lady wearing the peach dress after the Marcel Lucont show… welcome. You looked delightful, and I’d like to talk to you further about your travels through France. Drinks are on me :)

Big day today. Big day. Six shows, including five-in-a-row at the Tuxedo Cat. Remember how I said it would be the place-to-go for comedy? Fucking nailed it, I did. Anyhoo, I may have had a little drinky before each show there… so that’s me plastered then. The house red at the Tuxedo Cat is delightful.

  1. Planting the Dunk Botanic Gardens
  2. Adam Vincent in Adamland
  3. Pablo ‘Libido’
  4. Geraldine Quinn – Hex and the City
  5. Doppleganger
  6. Marcel Lucont: Sexual Metro

And now to sleep, perchance to dream… of that peach dress. Or maybe the two lasses in the Pablo gig.

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