[2009024] Marcel Lucont: Sexual Metro

Marcel Lucont: Sexual Metro [FringeTIX]

Marcel Lucont @ The Tuxedo Cat

11:30pm, Sat 28 Feb 2009

Preface: I was as pissed as a fart during this show.

Then again, so was pretty much everyone else in the room. And The Tuxedo Cat was just about full – clearly, the promise of thirty minutes of comedy for twelve dollars sounds like a good deal to the inebriated.

Marcel Lucont drifts to the mike, floating on the aloofness we attribute to the French (and cats). In fact, he takes every stereotype we apply to the French and runs with it, taking it to the extreme, making it laughably over-the-top. He’s super-smooth, ultra-arrogant, and God’s Gift to women… of course.

Mocking the crowd is, obviously, easy for him – after all, he’s French, so picking the youngest member in the crowd and harassing him with premature ejaculation advice is only to be expected. Hecklers are dealt with swiftly, and with absolute disdain… yet he still looks cool.

Honestly, I loved this show to death. It’s a short set, sure, but totally worth it… definitely one of my picks so far this Fringe. Check out the videos on Marcel’s MySpace page – and if they make you smirk in any way, get your arse to The Tuxedo Cat. Fantastique!

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