[20020003] Greg Fleet – I Wish You Were Dad

Greg Fleet – I Wish You Were Dad

Greg Fleet @ Nova 1

8:30pm, Thu 21 Feb 2002

Score: 8

Short Review: Fleety’s Finest Hour

To be honest, I had pre-written most of a review for Fleety. See, I’ve seen Fleety in Adelaide three times now. And every time I’ve seen him, I wind up disappointed. Take last Fringe, for example. For those too lazy to follow the link, the important bit is “I am constantly driven to the depths of despair because he never gets 60 minutes of quality material together!”.

The other, more pertinent bit from that same review is “I can’t stop going to see his shows because one day he’ll have an hour of killer material that will do him justice.”

You know what? Today was that day.

Fleety takes us on a pretty candid tour of his family and, in particular, his Dad. And, by the sound of it, he had plenty of material to work with – Old Man Fleety sounds like a real classy piece of work. So there were lots of laughs to be had at his expense, some cheap tie-in gags that didn’t distract, and some genuinely disturbing moments – just think “kiosks”. You’ll know what I mean when you see the show.

Maybe it’s his own impending fatherhood; maybe it’s the extra kilos that he’s stacked on in the last year. Whatever it is, it works. This is, without a doubt, Fleety’s finest hour.

And I won’t even bitch about having to chuck my pre-written stuff away.

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