ff2009, Day 22

Broken record time!

Wah wah four shows in The Garden. Wah wah full of bogans. Wah wah why do I do this to myself.

It’s all a bit repetitive, really ;)

  1. Abby Dobson
  2. Bonza and LJ
  3. The Wet Spots
  4. Washington

Tomorrow’s going to be a bit dicey. Have to go into work, hopefully via an incredibly inconveniently placed visual arts display – though I could risk seeing that on Sunday, I guess. Work panic work until ‘Zine fair time, then five-in-a-row finishing post midnight… again. Christ this is getting tough.

Oh! and no new pieces written today. Which makes me 31 behind. I reckon that’s a new record for me! Of course, it’ll be 36 this time tomorrow… ;)

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