ff2009, Day 24

Bloody hell, the rain could’ve waited until next weekend, couldn’t it?

  1. A Restaurant Like Alice
  2. Radium
  3. The Mad & Ugly Show
  4. Sammy J – 1999
  5. Shaggers

Fun day. Out to The Deli (George Street Thebarton) to check out What do you think I am? Made of toys?, the centrepiece of which was a neat sculpture of discarded toys & knick-knacks. Better still, though, were Amaranth Pfeiler’s mixed-media canvases (that, sadly, weren’t for sale). Great breakfast too. Then off to the other side of town, to the Tin Cat Cafe (cheers to the friendly staff there for putting up with me – hey, I was in a writing mood). The drizzle cut that a little short, so back into the city; caught up with an old workmate at the Radium show, then got to check out how The Mudbowl Garden was holding up, before a lot of laughs at the Tuxedo Cat again. Great to chat with Deanne and Sarah, too :)

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