[20020014] Jeff Green

Jeff Green

Jeff Green @ Nova 2

9:45pm, Sun 24 Feb 2002

Score: 5

Short Review: Over-rated

On a whim, I managed to squeeze this show in. I needn’t have bothered really, and frankly, I dunno what attracted me to it in the first place.

Jeff is a nice enough kind of bloke and, to be fair, this Sunday night crowd probably wasn’t the most responsive one could hope for. But… well, his observations of the mundane (particularly relationships) and stories of his youth just weren’t that funny. And the one time he tried a more risque joke (vaginal flatulence), eliciting groans from some of the audience, he backed away from it quicker than… somthing very quick. “Brave” my arse.

There was some good stuff there – stamp licking stories, vanity, lactic acid jokes, and feeding a horse a lemon. And Jeff’s constant mocking of the dead crowd was great. But I’ve never seen a worse closer to a comedy show. Never. And, at the end of the day, methinks that’s inexcusable, especially if there’s better comedy around.

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