[2009054] Charlie Pickering

Charlie Pickering

Charlie Pickering @ Bosco Theater

9:30pm, Sun 8 Mar 2009

I distinctly remember the first time I saw Charlie Pickering in 2004; coming off a piece of punched-in-the-heart theatre, I was cheered no end by his charm. 2007‘s show likewise was uplifting, but after 2008‘s let-down, I was determined not to see Charlie Pickering early in his season; I wanted to catch the bedded in, well-oiled, seasoned Charlie Pickering.

Ummmmm, that all sounds a little… gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Pickering’s central premise this year was simple: he’s just turned 31 years old, and he’s feeling very immature. And I can completely identify with this; in my mid-30’s, I fell back into the world of video games, then developed an addiction to anime and manga – none of which are (currently) deemed to be particularly “adult” pursuits. So, when Pickering laments at his lack of maturity, or of his inability to perform any of the tasks his father was capable of doing… well, I felt like calling him an immaturity wimp. Soft. Not really committed to the immaturity goal ;)

But outside this thread, he happily lambasts Adelaide Confidential, rambles through dubiously cheeky stories of schoolies engaging in sex-by-SMS, and leverages his father (again) with familiar tales of home renovations.

And some of the stories are familiar because, well, you’ve heard them before. Because this is the same old Charlie Pickering – the same style. The same form of audience banter (this night resulting in the discovery of the guy who wrote the Adelaide Fringe iPhone app – “so you wrote something I don’t care about? awesome”). And yes, some of the same stories.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Pickering is still in my good books; I love his honest style, and his upfront, sympathetic delivery is pleasant. But by only occasionally delving into the slightly risqué (the schoolgirl lusting sometimes verged on the creepy), I’d still consider him to be pleasant.

There’s that word again: “pleasant”. That’s a one-word summary, that is.

Charlie Pickering: pleasant.

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