ff2013, Day 5

Busy day. Hospital-hopping, followed by seven shows.

  1. Drum Fiasco
  2. Ponydance
  3. Memoirs of a Pageant Princess
  4. Kim Churchill
  5. Tim Fitzhigham – The Gambler
  6. Dandyman
  7. Naked Unicorn Vomit – Nicole Henriksen

When I planned my afternoon out, I was under the assumption that the mid-week forecast of moderate weekend temperatures was accurate. With the benefit of hindsight, exclusively seeing shows in tents in the afternoon sun is not a good idea.

Sadly, the amazing promise of the Dutch pork from the Garden’s Pigs On Fire has given way to a sad reality. The pork is good, but not great, and their snags are disappointing. I’ve yet to sample their spec rolls, but I’m thinking that Gluttony’s burger place is still the best bet at the moment.

ff2013, Day 4

I decided to man up and actually attend stuff in the Garden on opening/Parade night. Wasn’t as terrible as I’d expected.

Except towards the end. Drunk people get pretty messy, don’t they?

  1. On The Shoulders Of Giants
  2. Leo
  3. Tommy Bradson – Sweet Sixteen or The Birthday Party Massacre
  4. Frisky and Mannish – Extra Curricular Activities
  5. WolfWolf

As I grabbed a flyer (souvenirs, y’know?) from the producer of Frisky and Mannish, she looked at me strangely: “I remember you from last year. Aren’t you media?”

“Well… I blog,” I offered. “Would being media make a difference?”

“It’s preview night,” she replied, “We don’t want reviewers in on previews. Enjoy the show.”

So there you have it: blogs aren’t media. That’s a weight off my mind!

ff2013, Day 3

The calm before the storm…

  1. 3 Tales of Woe
  2. The Blue Room

Why so quiet, Pete?

Well, in a move that harkens back to the familial panic of the Festival period two years ago, my eighty-four-year-old father is holed up in hospital again. Thankfully, the current diagnosis has his doctors using the words “five year view,” which is infinitely better to hear than the “five day view” that had been rattling around my head for the last few days. He’ll still be stuck in hospital for a few days yet, during which time he’ll be getting plenty of needle from me for seemingly always doing this during Festival Season.

That is, of course, a joke. Get well soon, Dad :)