ff2015, Day 4

So: the Official Opening of the Fringe. Apparently the parade was really quite special. I wouldn’t know; I was stuck in a see-Garden-shows-before-it-gets-too-hot run.

  1. Eleanor’s Story: An American Girl in Hitler’s Germany
  2. Camille O’Sullivan: Changeling
  3. WOMANz
  4. Yana Alana – Between the Cracks
  5. Dr Brown & Sam Simmons – Ceremony

So – I wound up standing next to Chris Taylor in the queue for Ceremony, and we talked for ages about Fringey stuff in general, The Chaser’s activities, and – of course – Dr Brown and Sam Simmons. Top bloke, and he copped a heap of shit from Simmons in recognition during the show.

Funny thing: one of the Gardeners tried to tell me that “we’re really good in the Garden at starting shows on time.” Which, given I had three of four shows start a total of thirty-five minutes late this evening, seemed a little laughable.

But then, apropos of nothing, there was this tweet:

Awww. How sweet was that? :)

ff2015, Day 3

My first trip out to Holden Street this year was, I think, a success. Even if Martha did chastise me with an exasperated “…Blogger!” as I clambered (efficiently!) via a shortcut to my seat.

  1. Kinski and I
  2. King in Exile
  3. Blood at The Root

Blood at The Root is pretty bloody impressive. Really strong production values, an excellent cast, and a solid script created some memorable goosebump moments, and even a few tears.

ff2015, Day 2

Opening night at Producers was too good an opportunity to pass up: free bubbles, and four-shows-in-a-row… the last two of which were fantastic.

  1. 3 Steps Ahead
  2. Angus and Demi are: Best Good Show
  3. Geraldine Quinn – MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt
  4. Elvis Hates Me

Seriously – Geri really knows how to construct a show, and her singing (and, indeed, her entire stage presentation and lyrical content) is awesome. And Elvis Hates Me is one of those “WTF?” shows that leave you uncomfortable and bemused and exhilarated… truly wonderful stuff.

ff2015, Day 1

So began this year’s assault on Adelaide’s Mad March.

I’ve had a really odd lead-up to Festival season this year; despite the fact that I finished writing about the previous year’s shows months ago, I was still terribly rushed. My planning spreadsheet (that forms the basis of The Schedule) was only completed in a mad panic last Sunday, and Other Things (very Good Things) have taken over significant chunks of my mind (and time).

But no matter! Rhino Room had a nearly-full lineup days prior to the “start” of the Fringe, so it’d be rude not to take advantage of it, right?

  1. Greg Fleet in Ad Lib-Oration
  2. Gordon Southern – Long Story Short
  3. Simon Keck: Eating Tiger Dicks

Of course, that meant that I saw three debut shows, with all their rough edges on display… the manner in which all three performers dealt with the suddenly-apparent flaws in their preparation was a joy to behold.

Great crowds in for a Tuesday night, though :)