[2009087] Nik Coppin – Loquacious

Nik Coppin – Loquacious

Nik Coppin @ The Tuxedo Cat

6:00pm, Wed 18 Mar 2009

Nik Coppin won me over when he emceed another show, and at that gig I assured him I’d try to squeeze in his solo effort. The Schedule opened up, and Coppin snuck in.

He remembered me from the previous show too, which was nice. Until, during his amiable set, he started looking at me for support, and directly asking rhetorical questions of me. By name. Over and over.

And I’m not so much into that.

Still, outside of the focus-on-Pete bits, this was a reasonable show. Coppin’s not particularly insightful or cutting or vicious or… well, anything extreme really… he’s very much your friend, if a somewhat nerdy friend, what with his superhero geekery and Spider-Man hoody that he proudly wears and constantly references.

Given his origins, there’s plenty of material based on the differences between Australia and the UK – class system comparisons, bogans versus chavs… nothing really new here. In fact, that’s Nik Coppin’s biggest problem. If you’d gone to see him in April or May, you’d be pleased as punch; he really is a genuinely likeable comedian, without having to delve into cynical caustics for laughs. The problem is, come Fringe time, there’s a ton of other comedians out there that perform pretty much the same material better. So he’s recommended, but missable.

God that makes me sound like a prick :}

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