[2009082] Shaggers


An orgy of comedians @ The Tuxedo Cat

10:30pm, Sun 15 Mar 2009

I was really worried about pre-purchasing tickets to see this show. I mean, late-Sunday-night is hardly primetime for Fringe comedy, and how pervy would I seem if I was the only person who rolled up to a show that proclaimed to be all about “shagging stories”?

Luckily, I needn’t have worried – there were another dozen people there, which is enough to make The Tuxedo Cat feel populated. Uncomfortably, they were all females.

So there I sat, the only bloke in a room full of women, waiting to hear… well, who-knows-what.

Like I said, uncomfortable.

Nik Coppin opened, and also emceed for the evening. He’s a genuinely likeable and gently funny chap, whose only mis-step was suggesting that I was the luckiest guy in Adelaide, having my choice of all these women. Cue a dozen disdainful looks – not at him, but me. Bastard! Still, I was suitably impressed by Coppin that I commited to seeing his solo show later in the week.

Dan Willis was up next… and he did absolutely nothing to improve my already poor impression of him. A crude tale involving him fucking some slapper (his words, not mine) in a carpark felt more disrespectful than humourous. Luckily, though, Gordon Southern soon followed. As previously mentioned, he’s a ridiculously polished comedian, and he managed to get us all guffawing away. Bart Freebairn trotted out some familiar material and was – again – comfortably amusing, without much risk.

But then came DeAnne Smith – ah, how I love her. A fantastic little set, with content that had the rest of the audience squirming more than I… delightful. And finally, the wonderful Marcel Lucont brought forth his deadpan French arrogance, and was once again a hit.

All-in-all, a pretty good set, there. And the comedians weren’t bad, either.

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