ff2010, Day 7

Wow. What a day :D

Today marks the first time ever that I’ve missed a show (that wasn’t cancelled). Sure, a large part of it was due to the fact that I’d left myself a scant five minutes to get from the Tuxedo Cat to the Bosco, and the TuxCat show ran about half-an-hour overtime, but it was mostly due to Irene. The little minx :)

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Last week sometime, an Adelaide Fringe news e-mail appeared with the following snippet:

Show your love for the Fringe and WIN!

We’re looking for the Biggest Adelaide Fringe Fan – are you it? Take a photo of yourself in Fringe wear or showing that you are a Fringe fanatic.

Now, I’m not usually one for FringeWear (in fact, just about the only Fringe-related clothing I’ve got is from the Edinburgh Fringe 2004 fashion line, and even that shrunk to such an extent that my man-boobs would be distractingly pronounced), so myself and my ex charted a different course: we decided to create a halo of Fringe tickets. Yes, I keep the stub of every ticket I can, and get very annoyed when I lose one.

So I dug out my collection of tickets from the 2000-to-2009 Fringes, and set about making a halo.

halo construction

After using 2009 and 2007’s tickets, it became apparent that I wouldn’t be able to use all the tickets – lard-arse though I am, there simply wasn’t enough halo to fit them all in. Well that, and the ex (a notoriously early-to-bed lass) was fading quick.

halo complete!

In the end, I sent off the following message and photo to the Fringe Buzz e-mail address…

Just got back from my first Fringe show of 2010 (Gerda’s Journey – ace :) and thought I’d better pop in a photo or four.

So here’s a couple of pics of me, surrounded by a bunch of ticket stubs from Fringe shows I’ve seen. Included in shot are 103 tickets from 2009, 76 tickets from 2008, 83 tickets from 2007, 79 tickets from 2006, and around 30 tickets from 2000. On the coffee table just out-of-shot are another 20-ish from 2000, 60 from 2002, and 78 from 2004.

I also blog about all the Fringe (and Festival) shows I’ve seen at http://ff.moobaa.com … 528 Fringe shows since 2000.

Higher-res versions of the photos are at the links below.

http://tajmaya.com/pix/201002/FringeTIX%201.JPG http://tajmaya.com/pix/201002/FringeTIX%202.JPG http://tajmaya.com/pix/201002/FringeTIX%20Complete.JPG http://tajmaya.com/pix/201002/FringeTIX%20Construction.JPG

look at me!

So – I won. Which is nice :) Big hugs to the Fringe crew (again).

Irene’s idea for her photo totally would have beaten it, though ;)

6 thoughts on “ff2010, Day 7”

  1. Congrats Pete! Your Fringe efforts are phenomenal, and your blog delightfully entertaining. You definitely deserve this accolade!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Mark – but more importantly, thanks for reading :)

    Every little indication that someone else is actually reading this dribble I tap out brings a massive grin to my face :D

  3. Now you told me about this picture … awesome!! I can’t believe you keep all your ticket stubs, actually, no… I can. Whaddya win???!!

  4. I love your blog, I always check it out and see what you have been up to and what you have been seeing. I hope the Fringe gives you heaps of comps in future, Mr Wills and I are certainly keen to comp you into our shows in future.

  5. @ Jo – a couple of season passes to the Fringe Club, and a gift voucher. That Fringe Club is going to come in very handy, I reckon :)

    And you think the ticket collection is bad… you should check out all the flyers & posters & nick-nacks from years gone by… ;)

  6. @ Lili – thanks so much for your comment. You and your beau are the royalty of The Garden, in my eyes :)

    As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t believe in comps – I’d much rather money go in your pocket, regardless of whether your show is great or shit (and, to be quite clear, both The Boy and War Notes are most definitely excellent). After all, the artists are the people who take the risks and go on that stage – something I could never do (nor be allowed to do) – and that alone is worthy of respect… and payment.

    I thank you very much for the offer, though :)

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