[20000010] The Kiwi Standup Show

The Kiwi Standup Show

WorldsEnd Cabaret

8:30pm, Mon 28 Feb 2000

Score: 6

Short Review: Amusing

Obviously Monday nights aren’t big comedy nights in Adelaide. For the 16 people who turned up, these two Kiwis (Mark and Mike, apparently… why can’t I remember their names? what a crap reviewer…) put in a reasonable show overall.

Mark (I think… again, apologies for the names) opened up with the usual “flight over” gags, and I think the audience all inwardly moaned. The pace picked up, thought, and the highlight of his set was undoubtedly the ode to JFK Jr set to “Candle In The Wind”. Piss funny.

The second Kiwi, Mike, was far more memorable, and dealt with “comedy death” situations with great style. He also managed to dig himself into a corner when he proclaimed that New Zealand’s only poisonous spider was, in fact, a myth – until an audience member mentioned that she had, in fact, been bitten by one. Again, the escape was very amusing.

Overall, reasonable material, crappy venue – which bore the brunt of a large number of jokes in the show. Go for a beer, stay for the show.

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