[20000011] Tired Cliches

Tired Cliches

International Brigade (Cosmopolitan Centre)

10:00pm, Mon 28 Feb 2000

Score: 9

Short Review: Cyclic

“Stand-Up meets Storytelling meets Beat Poetry” says the Fringe Guide on this, the second of TJ Dawe’s works in this Fringe (the other being the exceptional Labrador). The Guide was right. It’s a reasonable simple storyline, but the manner in which the show is delivered – using, at times, a very Beat-ish style – makes the piece a very enjoyable experience.

Once again, Dawe rapid-fires through another piece of his life, repeatedly using certain situations which, as a spectator, you know are significant – and the final 2 minutes ties all the loose ends together (oops, spoiled it). Dawe’s style, especially after having seen Labrador, is great for the audience – it makes for very satisfying viewing.

I’m going to rave again – TJ Dawe is the man. Brilliant writing… better than brilliant. Words cannot express, yada yada yada. See it. See it. See it.

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