[20040019] Dave and Ern ARE ElbowSkin

Dave and Ern ARE ElbowSkin

ElbowSkin @ Margaret Murray Room

8:40pm, Sun 22 Feb 2004

Score: 7

Short Review: A guilty pleasure

Dave and Ern are a couple of Melbourne boys who decided that their act, ElbowSkin, would go down a treat here in ff2004. And you know what? They’re not (completely) wrong.

The bad stuff first: the fish sketches. A little bit Python, methinks, but the last couple were overdoing it.

That was easy. Now the good stuff: the boys use pre-recorded material really well – the Street Fighter pisstake was class. Their songs were bloody funny, the sketches ace.

YES, it was cheesey; YES, it was juvenile; but (and this is the most important thing) YES, it was FUN.

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