[20040020] Contacting Laura

Contacting Laura

Sulis Productions @ Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre

10:00pm, Sun 22 Feb 2004

Score: 5

Short Review: Seen it all before

Briefly: Alec’s marriage to Laura ended two years ago, and Jill has just popped over to get the two of them chatting again. Super.

First thing I noticed: ham-fisted lighting. Second: the way in which I was totally un-engaged by the story. Anthony Biggs and Laura Sydonie do an adequate job with their characters, but remained unconvincing. Sydonie does light up later in the show, though.

Look, let’s not beat around the bush: we’ve all got limited time to see shows, and there’s much better theatre around than this. So without further ado, spoilers ahoy! “Contacting Laura” is basically “The Sixth Sense” without the depth and cleverness. Oh well.

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