[20040040] Conjunto di Nero

Conjunto di Nero

Emio Greco / PC @ Dunstan Playhouse

8:30pm, Sat 28 Feb 2004

Score: 8

Short Review: Shadows and light

As we enter the Playhouse, a pulsating beat fills the air. A dancer holds a pose on the edge of a single beam of light parallel to the stagefront – occasionally, a flurry of movement, before she holds the new pose. The air seems thick, the light seems solid; the house lights dim, the pulsing stops.

All five dancers were superb throughout (led by Emio Greco), but Conjunto di Nero is almost as much about light and shadow as it is about dance. The lighting almost defines the boundaries of the movement, creating lines to be followed, boxes of containment.

My permanent memory of this show will be the thought of the dancers stalking beams of light across the stage like annoyed triffids. Thoroughly mesmerising.

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